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Chris Banta Trio


Upcoming Gigs 

Mar 7 (Thurs) Smoke House
Mar 20 (Wed) Blue Table
Mar 24 (Private Event)
Mar 21 (Thurs) Smoke House

Apr 4 (Thurs) Smoke House

Apr 7 (Private Event)
Apr 17 (Wed) Blue Table
Apr 18 (Thurs) Smoke House

May 2 (Thurs) Smoke House

May 15 (Wed) Blue Table
May 16 (Thurs) Smoke House

May 25 (Private Event)

Jun 1 (Private Event)
Jun 6 (Thurs) Smoke House
Jun 19 (Wed) Blue Table
Jun 20 (Thurs) Smoke House

Jul 4 (Thurs) Smoke House
Jul 10 (Wed) Blue Table
Jul 18 (Thurs) Smoke House

Aug 1 (Thurs) Smoke House
Aug 15 (Thurs) Smoke House

Aug 21 (Wed) Blue Table

Sep 5 (Thurs) Smoke House
Sep 18 (Wed) Blue Table
Sep 19 (Thurs) Smoke House

Oct 2 (Wed) Blue Table
Oct 3 (Thurs) Smoke House
Oct 17 (Thurs) Smoke House

Nov 7 (Thurs) Smoke House
Nov 20 (Wed) Blue Table
Nov 21 (Thurs) Smoke House

Dec 5 (Thurs) Smoke House

Dec 18 (Wed) Blue Table
Dec 19 (Thurs) Smoke House

2024 Past Gigs-----------------------------------
Jan 12 Pizza Cookery
Jan 18 Smoke House
Jan 31 Blue Table

Feb 1 Smoke House
Feb 10 (Sat) Community Conscience Mardi Gras Ball               (Hyatt Regency, Westlake Village)
Feb 15 (Thurs) Smoke House
Feb 28 (Wed) Blue Table

2023 Past Gigs-----------------------------------
Jan 5 Smoke House
Jan 19 Smoke House

Jan 21 Julio's Agave Grill
Feb 2 Smoke House
Feb 3 Pizza Cookery
Feb 16
 Smoke House
Feb 18 Julio's Agave Grill--
Mar 2 (Thurs) Smoke House
Mar 4 (Sat) Community Conscience Mardi Gras Ball                    (Hyatt Regency, Westlake Village)
Mar 16
Smoke House
Mar 18 Julio's Agave Grill
Mar 24 Pizza Cookery
Apr 6
Smoke House
Apr 7 Pizza Cookery
Apr 13 Private Event (Movement Mortgage Company Celebration)
Apr 15 Julio's Agave Grill
Apr 20 Smoke House
Apr 29 Private Event: Trio Certificate Winner*
May 4
 Smoke House
May 6 Pizza Cookery
May 18
Smoke House
May 20 Julio's Agave Grill
May 21 Private Event: Trio Certificate Winner*
Jun 1
Smoke House
Jun 3 Pizza Cookery
Jun 15
Smoke House
Jun 17 Julio's Agave Grill
Jul 6  Pizza Cookery
Jul 20 Smoke House
Aug 3
Smoke House
Aug 5  Pizza Cookery
Aug 17 Smoke House
Aug 24 Open House (Omega Rehab & Sport)
Sep 7 Smoke House
Sep 15 Pizza Cookery
Sep 21 Smoke House
Oct 5 Conejo Uncorked (Kiwanis Fundraiser)

Oct 6 Conejo Free Clinic (Annual Dinner and Fundraiser)
Oct 12 The Ramp
Oct 19 Smoke House

Oct 20 Pizza Cookery
Oct 25 Sunland Vintage Winery (Fundraiser)
Oct 26 The Ramp
Nov 2
Smoke House
Nov 5 Westlake Yacht Club (Private Party)
Nov 9 The Ramp
Nov 16 Smoke House

Nov 17 Pizza Cookery
Nov 30 The Ramp
Dec 7 Smoke House

Dec 15 Pizza Cookery
Dec 21 Smoke House

Smoke House (Across the street from the Warner Bros Studios)

7 - 10 PM - Recurring every 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
4420 W. Lakeside Dr.
Burbank, CA 91505

(818) 845-3731
Google Maps
Blue Table
6:30 - 8:30PM
28912 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 597-2583

Los Robles Greens

299 S Moorpark Rd

Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

805 495 6421

Web: Hyatt Regency Westlake
Maps: 880 S Westlake Blvd, Westlake Village, CA 91361

*Special Note
You may also consider the Chris Banta Trio for entertainment at your private non-profit, fundraising, charity, or Community Involvement events.  When hired to perform at such events, the trio will donate a free two-hour private gig certificate which can be used as a silent auction item or door prize.  (See sample certificate below)

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