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2021 Upcoming Gigs [Updated: JULY 20, 2021]

Jul 22 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm
Jul 29 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm 

Aug 5 (T
hurs) Smoke House 7-10pm
Aug 7 (Sat) - Private Party

Aug 19 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm

Sep 3 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm 
Sep 16 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm 

Oct 7
 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm
Oct 21 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm 

Nov 4 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm
 18 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm 

Dec 2 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm
Dec 16 (Thurs) Smoke House 7-10pm 

Past Gigs

Jul 15 (Thu
rs) Smoke House

Smoke House
4420 W. Lakeside Dr.
Burbank, CA 91505
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Blue Table
28912 Roadside Dr.Agoura Hills, CA 91301
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28912 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA


Gig bookings have returned!

The Smoke House has reopened and my trio has been scheduled to perform on the dates to the left (<--)

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