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Chris Banta Trio


Our specialty is jazz and blues.  So, whether you prefer the elegance of jazz or the funky and driving rhythms of the blues, we can provide that unique ambiance and sophistication that will enhance your special celebration or event.

As experienced professionals we know how to play the room with tasty and engaging performances.  Our music is suitable for wine tastings, restaurants and dinners, clubs, private parties, fundraisers, and corporate events. 


We know many recognizable tunes and offer a variety of musical styles (Swing, Latin, Ballads, Funk, Blues, etc.)  And most importantly, our sound never interferes with normal table conversation.  We pride ourselves in the easy listening approach...but, can always ramp it up when the energy in the room and management warrants it.

In business and public venues, my trio always promotes itself and the establishment where we are performing to maximize exposure for both.


Please contact me to discuss your entertainment needs, your event vision, and how my trio might bring that festive touch to your unique happening.  


Thank you...Chris

If you are interested in booking the Chris Banta Trio, please view the calendar page to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

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